CIPI's Consulting Services for Attorneys

Consulting in the Public Interest

Assistance to Attorneys

CiPI can provide the following services for attorneys who practice public interest litigation or who represent green companies:

Why would an attorney want CiPI's help? In addition to serving as a locator of top-notch expert witnesses, CiPI can pass on the benefits of its experience in complex technical proceedings. CiPI's experience includes:

The need for the kind of support CiPI can provide has increased dramatically now that the Supreme Court has set new standards for expert witnesses. Lawyers who lack a strong scientific background can have a difficult time assessing whether a particular case has scientific merit. Also, lawyers may be unable to prepare scientific experts to withstand Daubert challenges, as the record of recent successful attacks on plaintiffs' experts proves. CiPI's experience in assisting attorneys in understanding more than 40 expert reports can bridge the gap between the scientist/engineer and the attorney.

Why does CiPI restrict its services to citizens' litigation and support for green companies? There are hordes of consultants available for the remainder.

Consulting in the Public Interest
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