Some CiPI clients Issues.

Consulting in the Public Interest

Some CIPI Clients

U Buffalo Dept. of Social & Preventive Medicine (Buffalo Breast Cancer Study)

Columbia University Epidemiology Department (Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project)

Mount Sinai Medical School, Division of Epidemiology (Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project)

Santa Susana Field Laboratory Advisory Panel, California (Reconstruction of historical exposures to California residents arising from chemicals and radioactivity released from the SSFL rocket-testing facility)

Park Slope Food Coop (Building renovation in Brooklyn, NY)

Law firm of Berger and Montague, Philadelphia (Scientific advice on numerous legal cases over the last decade involving radiation exposure, human experimentation, childhood lead, arsenic, VOCs, and other chemicals)

Law firm of Hagens, Berman & Mitchell, Seattle (on behalf of residents living near an industrial facility in Arizona)

Law firm of Ulmer & Berne, Cleveland (on behalf of exposed nuclear workers)

Law firm of Radacosky and Shanker, Phoenix (Advice on reconstruction of exposure to arsenic-containing wastes and likely health effects)

Pinetree Legal Clinic, Maine (Statistical assistance on study of Guardian Ad Litems)

Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts (reactor relicensing)

Audubon New York (Project management and statistical analysis in support of forest ecological research)

Audubon Pennsylvania (Management of forest ecological research and facilitation of deer management project)

Audubon Washington (Wind turbine siting issues)

Spirit of the Sage, California (Advice on endangered species issues)

Seatuck Environmental Association, Long Island, NY (Analysis of recovery plan for an endangered plant)

The Research Foundation of the State University of New York (Ice storm ecological research)

New York State Department of Conservation, Division of Lands and Forests (Science contract management assistance)

Public Advocate of the Nuclear Claims Tribunal of the Marshallese Islands (Literature reviews on the relationship between health effects and radiation)

Individual Atomic Veterans (seeking alternate dose reconstructions needed for VA claims)

California Institute for the Energy and Environment (Altamont wind energy impacts)

NRDC Oceans Program (Cape May wind EIS)

Consulting in the Public Interest
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