Consulting in the Public Interest

At Consulting in the Public Interest we help private, public and non-profit sector clients build stronger businesses and communities through innovative thinking about people, policy and practice.

Our Purpose

Employees, stakeholders and shareholders are demanding transparency, accountability and authenticity on issues related to civil rights, equity, inclusion and sustainability. Sitting on the sidelines of these conversations is no longer an option. As experienced advocates and leaders in the civil rights and environmental movements, we offer strategy, policy and practices for businesses and organizations looking to build high performing equitable companies and communities. At CIPI, we take an intersectional approach to these issues and can help you assess risks and identify opportunities so you can meet this moment and carry out your purpose.


Whether you are wrestling with a specific problem, want to think comprehensively about embedding equitable practices throughout your organization, or are not sure where to start, CIPI is here to help. Schedule a time to talk: contact us.