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CiPI can help architects and builders design and construct energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly structures. In our green architecture work, we emphasize three objectives:

The key to green building design is integrating environmental concerns into each phase of a project. To realize the green building objectives, CiPI works with every project's participant -- building owners, architects, and engineers. CiPI will help:

To learn more about Dr. Beyea's past work in green architecture, we recommend that you visit National Audubon Society's website to read about Audubon House. Audubon House is a world-renowned example of environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient office buildings. Dr. Beyea did the environmental research for the project. A video about the building is available from Audubon.

Dr. Beyea and the other members of the design team wrote a book about the project, which includes a very detailed description of the process of designing a green building. The book is available from the publisher, John Wiley:

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