Representative Media Coverage of Dr. Beyea

Consulting in the Public Interest

Representative Media Coverage of Dr. Beyea

Television and Radio Appearances

Magazine Coverage

^ Television and Radio Appearances

PBS special showing of Audubon House video, 1994.

Peter Jennings, ABC News (James Bay), 1993.

ABC News (Audubon House), 1993.

Today Show (Audubon House), 1993.

Good Morning Japan & NHK (Audubon House), 1993.

MacNeil Lehrer News Report, WNET (Chernobyl), April 1991.

"Dan Rather News" (on solid waste), Oct. 1990.

"In Your Own Backyard" (on solid waste), WNET, Oct. 1990.

German TV Special on Global Warming and Nuclear Power, 1990.

Canadian Broadcasting System, TV and radio, (James Bay), 1990.

"Kwitney Report" (on energy policy), 1989.

Sunday Today Show (acid rain), 1989.

"Today Show" (nuclear energy), 1989; (Chernobyl) 1986.

"Dan Rather News" (TMI), 1989.

"New Nukes," National Public Radio, 1989

"Nightline" (Chernobyl), 1986.

William Buckley's "Firing Line," 1979.

^ Magazine Coverage

Time Magazine, "Architecture Goes Green," April 15, 1993.

The New York Times Magazine, "Power Struggle" (James Bay), January 12, 1992.

Time Magazine, "One Big Mac, Hold the Box," June 25, 1990.

Scientific American, "Plastic Goes Green," August 1990.

Forbes Magazine, "The Politics of Packaging," Jan/Feb 1990.

U.S. News & World Report, "Doing Your Bit to Save the Earth," April 1990

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