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CiPI was founded in 1984 by Jan Beyea, Ph.D. During his 15 years as senior scientist at the National Audubon Society (through 1995), Dr. Beyea gained practical experience with -- and published on -- virtually every contemporary environmental issue. He has served, and continues to serve, on Panels and Boards of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Beyea manages the environmental and physical-science aspects of CiPI projects. He has made the CiPI trademark, "creative solutions based on sound science."

The ecological and wildlife management aspects of CiPI's projects are managed by Michael Morrison. Dr. Morrison has over 100 publications on birds, small mammals, amphibians-reptiles, plant ecology, study design, biostatistics, restoration planning, endangered species conservation, and wildlife habitat relationships. He has adjunct affiliations with California State University, Sacramento and the University of Arizona.

Four other scientists round out CiPI's core science team. In addition to the core team, twelve other scientists participate from time to time on CiPI projects. If CiPI does not already have a working relationship with an academic or other expert needed by a particular client, we locate someone suitable through a network that extends into academia and the environmental/conservation community.

Consultants who work with CiPI have expertise in forest ecology, wildlife management, human epidemiology, sustainable agriculture, sustainable development, green architecture, landscape ecology, industrial ecology, negotiated conflict resolution, biostatistics, study design, delivery of social services, recycling and composting, siting of green facilities, reactor accident analysis, exposure reconstruction, critical analysis of incinerators, expert systems, nuclear waste, and weapons proliferation.

^Typical Services Provided

^ Cost

CiPI adds a small fee to the regular charges of experts identified for its clients. Alternatively, CiPI can bid on a total project.

^ Contacting Us

If you want to learn more about CiPI -- as either a potential client or expert -- please complete our contact information page and one of our staff will contact you. You may also contact us directly at the address or telephone number listed below. References to current and former CiPI clients are available upon request.

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